Northern & Lanna style resort, Located in the heart of Chiang Mai old city and historical temples.


Chiang Mai grows organic foods and products every year, therefore we are able to produce quality items and support local farmers. Those quality products are used by several businesses mainly food and cooking, massage, and spa which inspire by lanna culture and northern Thai tradition. 
Traditional Khantoke Dinner (Northern Style)
Khantoke, a mixture dinner of Thai traditional Lanna style. It is originately by Chiang Mai, and is considered as the best among others. The traditional Khantoke dinner includes Hin-Lay Curry, Green Chili paste,Minced pork in tomato-chili paste, Krispy fried pork skin, Fresh vegatable, stir-fries mix vegatable, Sweet crispy noodel, fried pumpkin, and seasonal fruits. 
Experience Thai Cooking Class
One of the popular activity in Chiang Mai is to learn how to cook Thai food. There are various of Thai cooking school for tourist to choose, and can be applied at all-weather season. The class can be customize based on your skills and times, you can either choose to cooking only or cooking along with farm and market visiting. The ways or types of cooking also depend on the skill and type of training.
  • Open everyday from 8:00AM-6:00PM 
Experience Real Thai Massage
The art of Thai masseages has been passed through many generations. In Chiang Mai Thai massage can attract a hundred of visitors each day. The Thai massgae method was originally developed by a buddhist monk since 2,000 years ago. You can choose spent an hour or two to massage any place of your body, and get your muscle pushed, pulled, kneaded, and relax.
Northern Thai Spa
In Chiang Mai, Thai spa is inspired by lanna style and decorative art products such as woven fabric and wooden craft. It is considered as a unique character of lanna spa that can gratify all your five senses, and can gain a good first impression to tourists. There you will be fast asleep by the aromatic smells and a soothing essential oils. One of the recommeded northern Thai spa is called "Fahlanna" which provides a high level of spa service in a affordable price. There you will gain the feeling of "Go back to time" with their century old Thai treatment and environment.
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