Northern & Lanna style resort, Located in the heart of Chiang Mai old city and historical temples.


Although it is a wild animal, elephant is a friend with Thai people for centuries. To get to know them better, we present several activities in Chiang Mai that allow you to visit and spend time with elephant, or even learn how to make use of their ground!
Elephant Take Care
Half day elephant take care, you will get to feed the elephants, spend time in a muddy spa and a waterfall.
  • From 6:30AM-13:30PM 
  • Include lunch, transport, picture in CD on that day.
(Transport time 1:30hr for both go and return)
Elephant Show
Elephant show in Chiang Mai presented tourists with the most talented and ingenuity elephants. The show normally start from watching elephant bathing and show their abilities. There are many elephant camps that offers the deal. Youcan either select the suitable time to visit elephant show as they have several rounds a day, or contact us to arrange your trip based on your time and availability.
  • Rounds: 8.30, 9.30, 13.30
Elephant Poopoo Paper park is an eco-friendly, outdoor museum that introduces the methods and ideas to produce paper from elephant poop fibers. Visitors can get to know each process starting from poo collection to the final product, and will gain a unique experience and eye-opening education 
  • From 45-60 minutes
  • Opening hour: 9.00AM-5.30PM
  • Price: 100THB/person, Children under 5 years free of charge
To book the tour or more information, contact