Northern & Lanna style resort, Located in the heart of Chiang Mai old city and historical temples.

B U R I   G A L L E R Y   H O U S E   B O U T I Q U E   R E S O R T,  C H I A N G   M A I

Staying the relaxing Thai - Lanna House. Located in the heart of historical Chiang Mai city, Northern Thailand.
Where you can walk few steps to the old temples, local attractions, Chiang Mai landmarks 
and the famous ‘Sunday Walking Street’, takes place just right in front of our resort




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A B O U T - C H I A N G M A I , T H A I L A N D

N O R T H E R N & L A N N A , B O U T I Q U E - R E S O R T

Note to guest*
There is a construction next door of Buri Gallery House Resort.
The construction will start from 8:00AM - 17:00AM
It might cause some disturbing noise during your stay.
We apologize for any inconvenient caused during these construction works.